Supercurricular and wider reading, preparing for university and distance and blended learning. With Arden University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Hull.

Event speakers

Preparing for University
Mandeep Kaur, Engagement Officer at the University of Hull

Supercurricular and Wider Reading – developing skills and knowledge prior to applying
Michelle Tang, Widening Participation Manager (Post-16) at the University of Cambridge

A guide to distance and blended learning at university
Amy Knott, Outreach and Recruitment Officer at Arden University

Hosted by
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director,

Event Summary

This webinar is hosted by Jon Cheek, the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays who touches upon the guidance and help provided to students to help them make good choices when considering university. This is followed by three guest speakers who each talk about different aspects of university.

Session 1: Preparing for university

The first guest speaker is Mandeep Kaur, the Engagement Officer at the University of Hull. She shares top tips for students before they start university. Her tips make sure you are prepared for university academically, so you can make the most of your learning and so you are able to adapt to the different learning style once you start university. She also shares tips which will help you to prepare for independent living if you move out. Not only is it important to know the basics, but to also know about your new surroundings. Socializing early can be done to make moving away easier and Mandeep shares the best ways to do this before you start university. Becoming independent also means being able to sort out your finances and it is ideal to have this sorted before university starts. Finally, Mandeep provides tips for when you arrive at university and how to make the most of the little while you have before the academic term starts.

Session 2: A guide to distance and blended learning at University

The second guest speaker is Amy Knott, the Outreach and Recruitment Officer at Arden University. She explains what distance learning at university is, who it is suited for and the tuition fees for this type of course. Blended learning is an option available to those who wish to combine blended and face-to-face learning. Amy explains who this type of course is suited to and shows examples of how a student’s timetable works, which is different to a traditional university timetable. She also clarifies what types of modules are on offer, how students are assessed and the importance of online portals to ensure students are still able to access the same resources as other students. To determine what type of learning is best for you, Amy provides a guide, so you are able to narrow down the pros and cons and reach a decision. She finally discusses the importance of seeing what it is like to study at your chosen university and recommends the best sites for you to do this.

Session 3: Super curricular and wider reading – developing skills and knowledge prior to applying

The third guest speaker is Michelle Tang, the Widening Participation Manager (Post-16) at the University of Cambridge. She explains what super curricular reading is and how it shows your passion for the subject you are applying for, which is something universities will look out for. Michelle describes the benefits you will get from doing wider reading and it also contributes towards helping you determine whether the course you are applying for is the right one for you. This is something which you can mention in your personal statement and through providing examples can strengthen your application. Michelle recommends where you can start and suggests how to find such resources online. Finally, she gives tips to narrow your search to reputable sources and ways to retain the information you read.

Session summary from Rubaya Zaman, a final year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham.

Event Recorded: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 12:00

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