Personal statement tips, exploring careers & tips when applying to Russell Group universities. With Durham University, Middlesex University and the University of Leicester.

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinars

Event speakers:

Jen Barton, Student Recruitment Manager at Durham University.

Anjali Kataria, Education Liaison and Outreach Assistant at Middlesex University.

Sarah Tompkins, Global Recruitment Officer at the University of Leicester.

Event Summary

This webinar is hosted by Jon Cheek, the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays who touches upon the guidance and help provided to students to help them make good choices when considering university. This is followed by three guest speakers who each talk about different aspects of university.

Session 1: Exploring career decisions and tips when applying to Russell Group universities
The first guest speaker is Jen Barton, the Student Recruitment Manager at Durham University. There are twenty-four universities that make up the Russell Group where teaching is linked to the research that is conducted, explains Jen. She goes on to explain the distinct learning process you will experience if you decide to study at a Russell Group university with the opportunity to work alongside academics on some courses. Jen describes the facilities you will have access to and resources you are able to use to enhance your learning. The type of courses that are available are flexible and modular based, with the chance to choose topics you are interested in studying. She goes on to speak about the graduate opportunities available when you study at Russell Group universities and even post-graduate opportunities with industry leaders. With these universities’ competition can be high so you need to stand out in your application. Jen shares tips for a good personal statement, what you need to include if applying to a Russell Group university and how to demonstrate critical engagement with the course subject.

Session 2: Exploring career decisions with university in mind
The second guest speaker is Anjali Kataria, the Education Liaison and Outreach Assistant at Middlesex University. She speaks about the different resources available online if you are unsure about what career or sector you want to go into. These interactive tools aim to present students with their strengths and career related attributes, to encourage you to consider your career choices. The resources she shares also help you to identify your distinct learning style and provide tips on how to maximize your type of learning. Being aware of your learning style is important as it helps you to know how to plan and study effectively. The final online tool she shares allows you to delve into routes into education and careers. You are able to explore different sectors and different career routes.

Session 3: Personal Statement Tips
The third guest speaker is Sarah Tompkins, the Global Recruitment Officer at the University of Leicester. She explains what a personal statement is, the UCAS procedure and how many courses you can apply for. Sarah goes over what admission tutors are looking for in a personal statement and the main things to think about when getting started. She discusses the structure for your personal statement and why it is important to keep the introduction and conclusion short, with the main focus being on the body of the personal statement. Finally, Sarah advises how to effectively round off your personal statement and things which you should avoid.

Session summary from Rubaya Zaman, a final year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham.

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