A guide to budgeting at university and an overview of your university living costs. Featuring Bishop Grosseteste University and the University of Hull.

Event Summary

This webinar is hosted by Jon Cheek, the Founder and Director of UniTasterDays. Guidance is provided for students to help them make good choices when considering university. The guest speakers for this event are Jordan Milnes, Area Lead in the Schools and Colleges Engagement Team at the University of Hull and Ellen Bailey, a Student Recruitment Officer at Bishop Grosseteste University.

Student finance and budgeting
Jordan talks about the financial help you can receive as a student when going to university. There are two main types of loans you can get: the tuition fee loan and the maintenance loan, explains Jordan. He goes into detail about how much money you can receive and the factors the Student Loans Company take into consideration when assessing your application.

If you were to study in London then you may be eligible for more financial help and this is covered in this session. Jordan touches on how you can make money whilst studying, and any extra funding you may be eligible for. He speaks about what bursaries and scholarships are, and looks at extra support available for people who are studying a health-related degree. Finally, he shares budgeting tips to help you manage your spending at university.

Budgeting at university
Ellen talks about how you can budget at university. She looks at the two main loans you can receive, what they intend to cover, how they are paid, how much you can receive and when you will get it.

There may be extra support available such as the disabled students allowance, dependants grant, overseas studying and scholarships and bursaries. Ellen explains who is eligible for each of the above and how much money you will be able to receive if you qualify for additional support. She goes on to speak about living costs for a student and how you can budget the money you are receiving. Finally, she shares tips for earning extra money and additional advice if you are spending more than you are earning.

Session summary from Rubaya Zaman, an English Literature Graduate from the University of Birmingham.

Event Recorded: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 12:00

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