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 by Liz Murphy
, posted on 7 Jan '22

The questions your students should really ask a university or college before they accept their place

How do you assess an institution? What should you ask, and where should you direct your questions? This blog includes advice you may wish to share with your students when they are making their university decisions.

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 by Tara Murphy
, posted on 28 Dec '21

A guide to booking a university campus visit during a pandemic

This blog provides a guide to arranging a university event during the current COVID-19 challenges. Read on to find out more.

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 by Oliver Rossetti
, posted on 28 Dec '21

Working with universities during the new normal – tips for organising online and physical university events this year

Restrictions have eased and with less uncertainty, we can all begin to think about how to organise university events. This blog provides tips on how to make your next university event idea happen.

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 by Erin Wilson
, posted on 21 Dec '21

A school and college guide to university league tables - how important are they?

Whilst league tables can be a useful guide to decide ‘where next?’ or even ‘where?’ on the journey into higher education, that’s all they should be – a guide. Read this blog to find out more.

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 by David Hawkins
, posted on 9 Dec '21

A school and college guide to international university study opportunities for students

In an increasingly global world, with students connected to friends, celebrities and opportunities all over the world at the click of a button - and Zoom allowing us to all keep in touch, today’s students have never been more globally connected, tied into a digital economy that knows no borders. This blog introduces international study opportunities.

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 by Ruth Boyce
, posted on 29 Nov '21

Tips when supporting students who are thinking about moving to a new area for university

Trying out a new place can be a fantastic experience for young people, whether that be from a rural to urban location or experiencing a new town with differing local culture and atmosphere. This guide provides tips for schools on preparing students for decisions relating to study location.

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 by Kate Nelson
, posted on 22 Nov '21

How to prepare your students for their first UCAS fair

Busy halls, lots of noise, achy feet. It’s easy for students to get overwhelmed at a UCAS/ HE fair. Here’s my top tips on preparing students for what to expect.

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 by Jen Barton
, posted on 15 Nov '21

A school and college guide to the different types of university courses

Understanding different options for university study can be challenging for your students. We have therefore created a guide to the different types of courses that are available. You can browse this here.

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 by Emily Day
, posted on 9 Nov '21

Tops tips when supporting students making their university course choices

When thinking about this article, I started with how I made my choices. It was a fair few years ago, but there are key things that still stick in my mind. This blog combines this experience with higher education experience to provide you with some key advice.

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 by Lydia Greenhalgh
, posted on 1 Nov '21

Why should your students consider university?

Gone are the days of limited post-18 pathways. From apprenticeships to full-time work, gap years and further college study - there is lots of choice for students out there. This blog provides an overview of it all.

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