A guide to studying Actuarial Science at university - including what to expect, application tips, careers (i.e. how to qualify as an Actuary). Featuring the University of East Anglia.

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On Demand Webinars

A guide to studying Actuarial Science at University

Shaun Parsley, Associate Professor in Actuarial Data Sciences at the University of East Anglia

Hosted by:
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director, UniTasterDays.com

Our content checklist:

- Why study Actuarial Science at university
- What to expect on a Actuarial Science course
- Careers in Actuarial Science
- Application tips for Actuarial Science applications
... and bonus tips on qualifying as an Actuary!

What to expect, and when?

01:15 - What is Actuarial Science?
01:44 - Examples of the use of Actuarial Science
02:39 - Who uses Actuarial Science?
03:30 - Is a university course in Actuarial Science for you?
04:18 - Careers after university in Actuarial Science
06:24 - A guide to Actuarial Science courses in the UK
10:19 - What will you study on an Actuarial Science course?
13:05 - The typical Actuarial Science learning timeline
15:43 - What should you expect if you study Actuarial Science
17:27 - Application tips for an Actuarial Science course
19:12 - What do Actuaries do?
20:37 - How do you become an Actuary?
22:44 - How much can you earn as an Actuary?
23:45 - Who can you work for as an Actuary

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