A guide to studying Interior Design at university - including what to expect, application tips and future career opportunities. Featuring the University of Huddersfield.

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A guide to studying Interior Design at university - including what to expect, reasons to consider it, application tips and a careers overview.

What is an Interior Design university course?

If you enjoy using your creative and innovative skills and are interested in interior spaces, art and architecture, then this would be a good course for you. A degree in interior design will enable you to work independently on projects you are passionate about and also have the opportunity to work as part of a collaborative team that bring designs to life. Some of the activities you may undertake include remodelling, re-using when working on sustainable projects and carefully selecting lighting, furniture and materials.

Why study Interior Design at university?

A career in interior design is very rewarding, allowing you to use your creativity to improve places, spaces and products. Interior designers operate on a global scale and by contributing to this field, you can improve the experience and environment of a place. There are a wide range of sectors you can work in with a degree in interior design, including retail, hospitality, education and the healthcare sector.

What to expect if you study Interior Design at university?

Interior design entails thinking of, researching and discussing ideas, collaborating with others, creating abstracts and testing and analysing different concepts. Through lectures, seminars and workshops you will be able to express ideas, as well as define and refine design suggestions.

As you progress in your degree you will have the opportunity to create a range of models using print-cutting and laser-cutting technology, this will include concept models, digital models and final models. When working on a project, conceptual and virtual models come together to create a design and this is what you will be assessed on. You may also have the opportunity to participate in competitions, work on live briefs, conduct site visits and attend degree shows.

Application tips for Interior Design university courses

When applying for an interior design course you will be asked to submit a portfolio of your work. It Is essential that you do your research and confirm whether you are required to present a digital or physical portfolio.

An Interior Design portfolio should demonstrate your creative ability, and you will be expected to talk about the design process of your pieces. Ideally, you should be prepared to talk about the ideas behind your work, the creative process, any challenges you faced and the end result. You should be selective with the work you include in your portfolio, to include a broad range of pieces which showcase your strengths and how you dealt with any challenges, this will allow you to evaluate and critique your own work, demonstrating your ability to reflect on your work for future development.

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