A guide to studying Biosciences courses at university - which Bioscience course is right for you? Featuring Coventry University.

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinars

Webinar summary

A guide to studying Biosciences courses at university.

Including an overview of courses in:
- Biomedical Science
- Human Bioscience
- Human Biology
- Pharmacology.

Dr Jess Rollason, Associate Head of the School of Life Sciences at Coventry University

Hosted by:
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director, UniTasterDays.com

What is included, and when?

01:06 - What are the Bioscience university courses? What are the similarities between the Bioscience courses?
02:49 - An overview of Biomedical Science BSc courses, Human Biosciences / Human Biology BSc degree courses and Pharmacology BSc degree courses
08:59 - What are employment opportunities and possible career pathways for Biosciences graduates?
10:53 - What are the key differences between the Bioscience courses of Biomedical Science, Human Biosciences / Human Biology, and Pharmacology? Which of these Bioscience courses will be right for you?
12:19 - Application tips for students considering a Bioscience degree course.

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