A guide to studying Software Engineering at university - including what to expect, reasons to consider it, applications and careers. Featuring the University of Huddersfield.

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On Demand Webinars

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A guide to studying Software Engineering at university.

Dr George Bargiannis, Subject Area Leader for Computing and Information Systems at the University of Huddersfield

Hosted by:
Jon Cheek, Founder and Director, UniTasterDays.com

What to expect, and when?

03:18 - What is Software Engineering?
07:47 - Why is Software Engineering important? How is Software Engineering shaping today's world?
10:57 - Why study Software Engineering at university?
13:55 - What to expect if you study Software Engineering at university.
18:33 - Application tips for Software Engineering university courses
21:33 - Career opportunities for Software Engineering graduates

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