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by Nia Stokes

Student Recruitment Officer at Swansea University

posted on 4 Sep '23

How universities can support schools seeking subject specific events

When researching universities, students are often questioning what the university can offer them when they get there. However, it is also worth finding out what an institution can offer before the application process even starts.

Subject specific events come in many forms and are a great way for your students to start exploring higher education. Student recruitment teams can offer talks and workshops in person or online on a range of subjects, from course tasters to student life and personal statements.

On-campus visit days are also on offer, which allow students to experience university facilities first-hand whilst receiving sessions from academics. Furthermore, summer school programs can encourage students to gain independence and meet new people.

The benefits of subject specific university events

Subject events are highly beneficial for prospective students. Deciding what subject to study at university can be a daunting task, especially if they are considering areas that are not taught at their school or college. Trying out a subject with their chosen university can give a real insight into whether they can see themselves pursuing it as a career.

Doing so can also provide a taster of university teaching. Lectures, seminars and tutorials differ greatly from Key Stage 5 education, as does the independent study that university courses often require. Experiencing this at a summer school or webinar session can indicate to students whether university is right for them.

Another advantage of subject specific events is that university academics are leading researchers in their fields, so discussion of a specific subject through a webinar session can also develop students’ knowledge and improve their academic skill in preparation for their exams.

Mentioning this event participation can look attractive in a personal statement too, demonstrating interest and commitment - especially if it involves a student’s chosen university.

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Subject specific events have school and college benefits

As well as being of great benefit to your students, organising these events can also help schools and colleges to achieve their Gatsby Benchmarks. Incorporating regular sessions into your timetables will increase encounters with higher education (Benchmark 7), link your curriculum to careers (Benchmark 4), and create a stable careers programme (Benchmark 1).

Note from UniTasterDays: Students and schools can visit the UniTaster On Demand platform to watch 100s of impartial introductions to university subjects at

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