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by Beth Bradbury

UK Student Recruitment Officer at the University of Sheffield

posted on 23 Apr '24

A guide to providing university information to parents and carers

Parents and carers are often keen to support their young person when exploring their options and making informed decisions about what their next steps will be after sixth form or college. Though for many, this can be a daunting prospect. This blog will support you when you are supporting them.

University opportunities

When working with parents or carers, it is crucial to avoid making assumptions about their awareness or understanding of opportunities. The breadth of university options is an ever-developing landscape, and those supporting young people may not be aware that the best path for one person isn’t necessarily the right decision for another.


It is vital that parents and carers are aware of timescales and are informed and involved throughout the whole process. This ensures they can best support their young person when exploring different courses and institutions before completing their applications.

There are a number of other time-sensitive aspects that parents and carers should be aware of, especially if their young person wants to apply for competitive courses or


Although you’ll have a good handle on the many terms and acronyms used in relation to higher education, this terminology may be intimidating to parents and carers. While not making assumptions and actively trying to make information accessible, a useful resource for those less familiar with university jargon is the UniTasterDays Jargon Buster.


Share as many research tools as possible with parents and carers. Not only so they’re well armed to support their young person with their decision-making, but also to dispel any misconceptions or preconceived ideas they may have about higher education.

It is key that parents and carers understand how to support their young person with their research, such as looking beyond course names to ensure that choices align with interests and career aspirations, and understanding that different options may require specific entry qualifications, grades and subjects. Parents and carers should also guide their young person with their insurance choice – helping them to understand that selecting a university with lower grades than they’re predicted will put them in a more secure position on results day.

Parent and supporter resources

Parents and carers may be unaware that lots of universities have dedicated sections of their website that can provide them with useful tools and information. These often include resources, virtual information sessions or video and contact details should they need to seek advice.

A note from UniTasterDays

Remember, if you are building resources for parents - the Parents' Guide to University is a great one to share! This is free, with no registration required.

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