Subject Guide Videos

An impartial guide to university courses - featuring expert speakers

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These impartial videos have one key aim. To support students who are considering university to make informed future subject decisions. They feature guest speakers from a range of different universities, who are always experts in the subject being explored.

Including the UK’s first video subject guide!

Different subjects, but the same four themes explored in every single one:

From Accounting to Zoology - and 100's of subjects in between. You can browse the videos below, search by keyword, or filter by subject.

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Feedback from schools and students

The event was very informative and interactive - and I enjoyed the Q&A feature

The events have been useful with all advice given being independent. The guest speakers are varied from different universities providing a range of options for students to then research themselves. All events have kept to time which has made it easy to book into the diary

I found the speakers excellent and have advised all my year 12’s to sign up and also recommended to my Year 13’s

I found the event well organised and very helpful - giving us information about universities and personal statements from people at different universities